Frequently Asked Questions

 How do I care for my new backdrop?

  • In use:
    • When rolling out your backdrop make sure that the floor is clean and dry. Backdrops rolled on tubes MUST NOT be folded. Folding your backdrop will cause permanent creases.
    • Avoid dragging sharp or heavy objects over your backdrop.  Before rolling up and returning your drop to storage, sweep the surface of drop to remove any debris.
  • Storage: 
    • Make sure your drop is rolled tightly on it’s tube, and taped securely every 6”, on both sides. Your backdrop can be stored standing up or laying down as long as the area is clean, dry and flat.
  • Cleaning:
    • Our backdrops can be easily spot cleaned with a damp natural sponge. Gently pat the area. Do not scrub. If you are unsure, you can always email or call us with questions!

How to hang my backdrop?

  • When you hang your backdrop make sure it’s secure with clamps on both ends. If the backdrop falls off of the stand, it can cause permanent creases. 

Do you paint custom backdrops?

  • Absolutely!  Please email or call the studio and we would be happy to discuss options and, and timelines with you.

What is your return policy?

  • You are unable to return a drop after purchase. All sales are final.

What shipping do you offer?

  • We offer FREE and Overnight shipping for our Domestic customers. Orders must be received before 12pm EST to qualify for Overnight shipping. For our International customers, please call us at: 718.497.4500 or email: